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Life In A Day... of Me: Healing the World!

Life In A Day... of Me: Healing the World!
By Mpowerall

Youtube user: mpowerall | Web site
Age: 48, American
Filmed: United States of America, USA, Teaneck, NJ & Dingman's Ferry, PA
Film language: English
Film URL at Youtube

This is my 3 PART film submission for the "LIFE IN A DAY FILM PROJECT"!

Pt. 1: My “day” starts -life as usual- after midnight - a continuation of my prior day! In my “usual” comedic fashion, I sing (and dance) to the “LIFE IN A DAY…OF ME” song I wrote to “introduce” “me” and “my film”! After telling everyone “who “me” is”, I continue working on a variety of my Motivational MPower Productions Projects – songs, videos, educational curricula, film treatments, books etc., ALL of which are designed to Empower our Youth, help them step into their greatness, live their “championship dreams” & fulfill their divine destiny! My ultimate passion and goal is to help promote World Love, Peace & Unity and make the World a better place for ALL people!

Pt. 2: I’m in Dingman’s Ferry, PA, with beautiful Nature as my “backdrop” and answer two of Kevin’s Questions: Q.1 -“WHAT DO I LOVE” – which in summary is helping people and seeing ALL people happy & “living” their dreams. Q.2-“WHAT’S IN MY POCKET(BOOK)” – most important are tools to help me & keep me “ready” for any opportunity to “inspire”, “network” & “share” my “gifts” & work, like my “flash drive” with my motivational projects, voice recorder to capture any “inspirations” etc., and my two lists: 1) LEGENDARY HUMANITARIANS who keep me inspired and 2) MY “WISH” LIST OF PEOPLE I “AM” GOING TO WORK WITH (I’m a Motivational Speaker so present tense is always spoken as it “brings” desires to “current” reality) who “are” helping me move my Mission forward to affect World Love, Peace & Unity!

Pt.3: I wake up “continuing” my work on my Motivational Projects! Then I give the World a “glimpse” of my neighborhood on what is a “beautiful hot sunny day” in a New Jersey Suburb of the New York City Area!!! Next, I arrive with friends in Dingman’s Ferry, PA to attend a Summer Barbecue that other friends are hosting. I give a breathtaking view of the Lake outside this beautiful home and then “dip” into the lovely “forest” area to answer Kevin’s remaining two Questions: Q.3) WHAT MAKES ME LAUGH which includes “people laughing and happy” and Funny Humanitarian people like Ellen Degeneres & Will Smith, and Q.4) WHAT DO I FEAR THE MOST which is mainly “not being in time with my Humanitarian Mission” hence potentially missing an opportunity to help someone who is suffering or in need.

NOTE: My “LIFE IN A DAY” Submission is a Great Story & Film because MY LIFE MISSION & DAILY PRACTICE can be summarized by 2 Gandhi quotes: “Be the change you want to see in the world” AND “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”. I hope my Film is seen by Everyone & encourages ALL to join me & become “a determined spirit” for Positive World Change!!! TOGETHER WE CAN HELP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL PEOPLE!!!

Major feelings: Happiness, Optimism, Positivity, Inspirational, Motivational, Silly, Animated, Joyful, Thoughtful, Peaceful
Mpowerall of Teaneck, NJ
Submitted: 8/13/2010 21:38:51 Jerusalem time

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