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The fact: As of September 11, 2010, we have at 318 youtube videos presented as 48 films by 47 directors/producers, ordinary youtubers. As total number of videos submitted to Life in a Day is 80,000, our present count of 318 is just great!
Question: Why not to make your Life in Day footage a complete documentary film at Learn how.
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Also note: In case you have several videos of 7/24 please set a playlist, so, all videos play one-by-one as a complete film. To create playlist click on New Playlist Buttom to the left of My Videos screen while at YouTube. Learn why shooting script is important and screen the submission form
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Make your Life in Day footage a complete documentary film at

Originally published: 3 August 2010, 22PM

Hello, All. I am Alex Kudinov-Sheffer, an ordinary man of 44. This week I started this independent web site (also available at, where each of us, ordinary YouTubers, can publish his or her own Life in Day documentary film. I got this idea a week ago, and on August 3 registered this domain – 40$ was quite an investment, especially because all I thought about is a nonprofit youtube user initiative serving all those who contributed their videos to Official Life in a Day by YouTube, and aiming to make my (and yours) footage message bold. Why?

Remember Life in a Day was called a global experiment. As a scientist (you can screen my UK Parliament written evidence on Science Publication as an example of my advocacy for Public Interest in Science), I feel I am a project participant, not the experimental subject, a kind of lab rat. There were certain Official project rules that I could not accept. My life is about music, I create it daily. So, my videos would unlikely appear in the final product. That’s not a point for me to be in the film by Kevin MacDonald, however: I have my own life, feelings, luckly no fears, and I would like to present my all 29 videos of my Life in a Day in a convenient way, so, it is easily discovered by anyone on the net. This is why I assembled all 29 videos in a YouTube playlist, and embedded it as my own documentary at

Why shooting text script (or a playscreen, a kind of post-shooting scenario) of your film is so important?

What is critical is to provide text to this film. Computers have no ability to extract emotions and feelings from videos, so, it is my responsibility to provide an interesting text summary of what is my film about, so, this info is properly indexed by search engines and can be researched and discovered by others.

I welcome you to join me, and make your video additionally available at . I encourage you to make your own film of several videos uploaded by you, or a documentary film of your video(s) combined with videos by your friends in a playlist, so, it can be played as a film. It can be your family or a village, or a documentary by those sharing hobby or a lifestyle. I wish this web site becomes our own, user generated Life in a Day Film Festival, where a director and a producer of his or her own film is You, Your majesty YouTube user.

2 min summary of this video is available at this link

It took about 350 words to tell you the above, the average word count I wish we use for shooting script text. I will now try to make my own screenplay for what is already included in my own motion-picture production (done two hours later, check it out here).

And... YES, I’ll tell this once again: I aim to expand Official Project visibility, make it message bold while helping all of us to get to another level of creativity. Check it out.

And... NO, you don't have to upload anything else to YouTube or anywhere else. You already uploaded your videos to YouTube, all you need is just to use tools, available at YouTube to broadcast your film here. Upon your submission of the form your video or a complete film of several videos (as a youtube playlist) will be embedded at and will have its' own publication page that you can additionally share with family and friends, and have moderated (as a measure of spam protection) discussion without a need to register or log in.

I invite you to join me and other ordinary YouTubers for our own Life in a Day Film Festival!

1 comment:

    Great VID !!!! Hope to cya at SUNDANCE !!!!
    My video is filled with the most Aussie Stuff I could ever find !!!!
    Horse Riding, Bush Billabong, Sky-diving, Surfing, Pub and Nightclub ..... 10 mins of pure excitement.. !!!
    ENJOY MATE !!!


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Sad example is available to illustrate how youtube partner (partners are those who make money by displaying Google AdSense ads on their videos and youtube pages), is gambling with video titles, tags and video description, so search engines deliver faked results and therefore push away Life in a Day videos by ordinary Youtubers out of reach by a loyal web surfer. See this post for details.

Get wild with your creativity! As of August 14, 2010 in response on youtubers request mission expanded. You now can share here not only the film of raw footage that you uploaded to Youtube by 31 July 2010, but also new edited videos filmed on July 24. While both are required and will be linked to each other, we suggest you share your raw footage film now and have edited film shared whenever you have it.

We also welcome those youtubers, who had very special 24-25 July 2010 weekend (such as wedding, honeymoon or anything else of exceptional personal value), to include July 25 videos in their "Life in a Day" film as well.

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