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This Is Atlanta Life in a day

This Is Atlanta
By Mappyman

Youtube user: Mappyman | web site
Age: 29, America
United States of America, Atlanta, Georgia
Film language: English
Film URL at Youtube | Link 2

This was a very exciting night! To those who do not know, Atlanta is known for its nightlife and luckily I began filming June 24th right around midnight. Two girls and one guy friend of mine went out to a Rooftop Superhero Party on the 12th floor of the Glenn Hotel downtown. I had been excited for this all week and knew some of my friends would be wearing very well made costumes. This is the geek in me and although not a large comic book fan, its fascinating to see a gathering this large of people with the same interests in not only comic books but also dressing up as the characters. We did not stay long as the party was crowded with not only the Superheros in costumes but the regular “douchebag” crowd as well. We went off the a sports bar close by and had some very funny conversations. My friend Kate and I had gotten upset at each other years ago over a friend and this was the first time in nearly five years we got to hang out again. We had a great time that night and reminisced about a lot of things.

The next day my friend would be arriving from Jacksonville, Florida. We see each other once a year and usually do things like play videogames or watch movies, which was about all that happened on Sunday. Most of the filming was done in the morning. We had hoped to get a large breakfast at El Norteno but it was too early and we settled for a small plate of chorizos. I was lucky enough to ask the three questions to a lady who spoke only Spanish and had a translator working there, it definitely made for some interesting footage! Later that night was another big event. The local art theater was playing “Best Worst Movie” and not only was it an honor to have a documentary like this played in our city but also the main star of the movie come in person and introduce it to us, signing autographs and doing a meet and greet before the show. I had seen the movie (Troll 2) being documented a lot of times growing up and to see him in person that day was very cool.

Major feelings: Laughter, Sarcasm, Excitement
Scott of Atlanta, Georgia
Submitted: 8/28/2010 0:04:11 Jerusalem time (submission #44, this is playlist-based film by the author)

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