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The fact: As of September 11, 2010, we have at 318 youtube videos presented as 48 films by 47 directors/producers, ordinary youtubers. As total number of videos submitted to Life in a Day is 80,000, our present count of 318 is just great!
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Note: adds value to an official project' Life in a Day Gallery interface and the way of video data presentation at youtube, read more
Also note: In case you have several videos of 7/24 please set a playlist, so, all videos play one-by-one as a complete film. To create playlist click on New Playlist Buttom to the left of My Videos screen while at YouTube. Learn why shooting script is important and screen the submission form
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Life in a day gallery launched at

Log in to the official Life in a Day Channel at Youtube to screen Life in a Day video gallery.

Conclusion to draw:

youtube-users' generated
adds value to
a present official project
Life in a Day Gallery interface
and the way
the data are presented

Hello and have a great day! I just noted today (about 15:00pm Jerusalem time, September 2, 2010) that official Life in a Day Channel at youtube launched Gallery of Life in a Day videos (where I left a comment, a kind of a shorter version of this post).

Well, this is an interesting video gallery presentation, as no one knew before how it will be organized.

Clicking on an emotion tag opens a series of related videos, playing simalteneously (i found it not so convenient, yet no much boring)

One can also click on a particular video image thumbnail to have a given video opened under the same screen of Life in a Day channel home

At first look there is no way to switch to a regular youtube video view, where comments or like-or-dislike can be added. However, when a video is over, one can use the coding to copy it to a new browser tab/window to have the same video re-opened.

I found little flexibility of smart video search and grouping. While exploring Life in a Day gallery, I had a feeling the gallery is designed to be just viewed by either one of the emotion tag or a geographical tag or as a result of random selection of videos on the Globe. While this is fun, it makes little space for a serious presentation of one's thoughful film.

I did not have a chance to note that the issue of multivideo submissions is addressed in the Gallery, so, they could be played one-by-one as a complete film, as we do at .


youtube-users' generated adds value to a present official project Life in a Day Gallery interface, so, check it out and justify yourself. Should you wish to share your video or several videos presented as a playlist, please visit sharing web form at

There are presently 40 Life in a Day films by ordinary youtubers, i welcome you to join us! Note: Gallery by youtube is not complete either: the Gallery home states (left bottom corner):

"More videos each day: Kevin and his team are adding more videos to the Life in a Day gallery as they are reviewed. Check back soon for more footage"

I would like to add: Don't wait for tomorrow, share your video at today: it won't take more then 5-10 minutes of your valuavle time. is well indexed by search engines and warrants more specific interested-in-your-agenda viewers of your film overtime.


Alex Kudinov-Sheffer, MD, PhD, DrSci

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Sad example is available to illustrate how youtube partner (partners are those who make money by displaying Google AdSense ads on their videos and youtube pages), is gambling with video titles, tags and video description, so search engines deliver faked results and therefore push away Life in a Day videos by ordinary Youtubers out of reach by a loyal web surfer. See this post for details.

Get wild with your creativity! As of August 14, 2010 in response on youtubers request mission expanded. You now can share here not only the film of raw footage that you uploaded to Youtube by 31 July 2010, but also new edited videos filmed on July 24. While both are required and will be linked to each other, we suggest you share your raw footage film now and have edited film shared whenever you have it.

We also welcome those youtubers, who had very special 24-25 July 2010 weekend (such as wedding, honeymoon or anything else of exceptional personal value), to include July 25 videos in their "Life in a Day" film as well.

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