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The fact: As of September 11, 2010, we have at 318 youtube videos presented as 48 films by 47 directors/producers, ordinary youtubers. As total number of videos submitted to Life in a Day is 80,000, our present count of 318 is just great!
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Also note: In case you have several videos of 7/24 please set a playlist, so, all videos play one-by-one as a complete film. To create playlist click on New Playlist Buttom to the left of My Videos screen while at YouTube. Learn why shooting script is important and screen the submission form
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Life in a Day film festival premiere full movie - watch now complete cinematic documentary of 24 July 2010

This documentary film is also available at

This is "My Life in a Day" or "Every Frame is a Word of Love" movie by Alex Kudinov and kids. It is streamed at and features home page of "Life in a Day Film Festival" web site at .

This full-length no-edit no-cut (except of the soundtrack and five or so seconds of my daugther hand drawing) six hour video premiere (to be precise this is 5 hours 59 min and 58 seconds and 24 frames, encoded to 5:59:57 video at youtube ) represents A Koudinov nine and a half hours of filming time on 24 July 2010, 14:30 to midnight, 24:00. This is Low Resolution 320x240 wmv LAN format (yet additionally edited at final seconds, after another first upload of 4.5 Gb video of original 640x480 resolution failed on January 26, 2011) edition of the documentary film, thanks to the project by Youtube, Oscar winning director Kevin McDonald and producer Ridley Scott, with whom, however, Alexei Kudinov has no affiliation.

Life in a Day is a historic Global experiment and a new filmmaking experience of human beings invented at youtube by Director Kevin MacDonald, Producer Ridley Scott, Editor Joe Walker and their London based production team, held worlwide on Saturday, July 24, 2010.

On that day YouTube user's community was asked to make raw footage of their lives and then submit it (within one week, by July 31, 2010) to Life in a Day project at ). Organizers got over 80,000 clips of about 4500 hours raw footage, that was first narrowed to a 100 hours selection and then yielded 90 min documentary film (comprising 331 clips, as reported by Google Russia) to premiere today at Sundance Film festival in Park City, Utah, USA on January 27, 2011 5pm local time.

Alex Kudinov builds his documentary on his own 6 hours footage of Life in a Day Day of 24 July 2010. Mr. Kudinov footage was initially arranged (and cut a bit) to yield 29 clips, about 10 minutes each, uploaded to his youtube channel and submitted to LIAD project before deadline of 31/07/2010. This 29 video clips were earlier presented as a playlist at his youtube channel and is streamed as a complete film at

While at the last week of July 2010 youtube lifted standard video length from 10 to 15 min, it was not properly announced, so, the majority of submitted to Life in a Day video clips are less then 10 minutes.

Interestingly, three videos by Alexei were selected by Kevin McDonald for the project. Correspondingly, raw footage was uploaded to Life in a Day FTP server during September 2010. These three 10 min clips total 30 minutes video, and therefore represent 0.5% of 100 hours raw footage selection by Kevin McDonald team. These clips begin at time stamp 5 h 13 min (requested by Kevin Macdonald and the Life in a Day production team videoclip 1, clip number 11497-3), at 0 h 21 min 38 sec (requested videoclip 2, clip # 11497-28) and at 4 h 29 min 31 sec (raw footage video 3, # 11497-8).

Professionally, the video explains why by year 2010 there is still no cure for Alzheimer's disease (begins at 39 min 54 sec).

Included is also a call for youtube to provide an essential new feature of this major video sharing web service (at 32 min time stamp)

Login to, so, you don't miss the premiere to be screened live in just 6 hours

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Sad example is available to illustrate how youtube partner (partners are those who make money by displaying Google AdSense ads on their videos and youtube pages), is gambling with video titles, tags and video description, so search engines deliver faked results and therefore push away Life in a Day videos by ordinary Youtubers out of reach by a loyal web surfer. See this post for details.

Get wild with your creativity! As of August 14, 2010 in response on youtubers request mission expanded. You now can share here not only the film of raw footage that you uploaded to Youtube by 31 July 2010, but also new edited videos filmed on July 24. While both are required and will be linked to each other, we suggest you share your raw footage film now and have edited film shared whenever you have it.

We also welcome those youtubers, who had very special 24-25 July 2010 weekend (such as wedding, honeymoon or anything else of exceptional personal value), to include July 25 videos in their "Life in a Day" film as well.

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